Feliz Día Xime :D

Today in Mexico we celebrate all the kids and therefore my post is dedicated to my 11 year old sister Ximena. She is gorgeous as you can see and just cracks me up everytime I see her :D

Xime feliz día del niño !!! Espero que te la pases padrísimo franhuesa, te mando un besote y te extraño mucho !!

I love you kiddo



P.S. All pics were taken by Pierce Lifestyle Photography


Spring Fling

These are my favorite spring bracelets !! These lasts ones were a DIY and the others were a gift from my boyfriend. I love turquoise and red combined ... Do you have any favorite spring jewellery ??

Have a great weekend :)




Style Has No Age

My lastest inspiration has to be definitely IRIS APFEL 

This 89 year old accessory lover and interior designer is completely adorable and worth knowing about. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City did an exhibition on this true fashion icon called "RARA AVIS" (rare bird): THE IRREVERENT IRIS APFEL  in 2005.

This rare bird believes that fashion is integral, you have to know yourself and this certainly takes a lot of work. "If you have a simple little black dress and the right accessories you can have 27 outfits". 

So dress for yourself and because you like it, don't care about what other people think and find your own way of expression through clothes.



P.S. Gotta have those awesome owl like glasses ASAP !!



I know you all are laughing at this last picture, I just couldn't leave it out and had to post it :D

So crochet is really big this season and I remembered I had a golden crochet sweater hiding around my closet and didn't think twice !!



P.S. The t-shirt says "THIS TEE IS BANANAS" as the place I took these photos at.

Sweater: BCBG (old)
Jeans: 7 for all mankind
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: Aldo (old)
T-shirt: Target 


Wow Factor

Ok so apparently this is just a normal crew neck blue t-shirt right ??

TA DA !!!!

I love a wow factor that can leave a few people speechless ... This is a normal V neck t-shirt and I thought it would look great if I wore the front on the back and viceversa , this is how it turned out, a crew neck that looks quite common but then it has a plunging back that is always staggering... and just to finish it up, I wore my two favorite vintage gold necklaces backwards as well ... Did you like it ??



P.S. I hope you notice the effort I put into tanning this past week, despite my allergies !!

T-shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Gap
Necklaces & Bracelets: Vintage
Bag: Loewe



I leave you all with a preview of my next outfit !! Don't forget to visit tomorrow to see the whole thing :D




I'm Seeing Spots

I'm back home and you can tell by this last picture I'm not at all happy, I could've stayed another week just lying in the sun, reading and relaxing ... but the truth is I'm back to reality. Sorry for the photos but I took them as soon as I got home cause I didn't want to keep y'all waiting another day !!



Top: Theory
Jeans: 7 for all mankind
Shoes: Michael Kors 


Vacation Vacation Vacation

Hola !! As I told you last week I'm on vacation at the beach where I spent almost every summer growing up and I just love it here !!

Here are some pictures I've taken so that you can see a bit of what I'm doing these days ... The sunsets have been absolutely unbelievable and I'm trying to make the most out of it cause I'm going back on saturday and I swear I'll be posting outfit pics as soon as I get back to the city and dress with something else than a bikini ;)



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Manolo Blahnik for TOUS

Two great spanish design houses have paired up, Manolo Blahnik whom I believe needs no introductory at all, and TOUS a well renown jewelry firm.

To own a pair of Manolo Blahnik's is every girls dream ever since Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City was absolutely obsessed with his designs. So Tous and Manolo himself thought of the perfect way to make this dream come true (although you can't actually wear them on your feet) and created this adorable necklace with his signature "CAMPIRI" shoe, a classic mary jane. It is available in different size, price and you can choose from either silver or gold.

I'm gonna get mine but I still can't decide which one...




Sun Sun Sun Here We Come

Bright colors are everything and even though I think I've made it clear that yellow is my favorite these days, it's kinda hard to pull it off... but green and blue on the other side isn't that hard and paired together I think they are a match made in heaven... Ok I might be exaggerating but it does look nice doesn't it ??

I'm leaving tomorrow for the beach for a whole week :D I might not be able to post everyday but I'll try to do everything I can so please bare with me !!



Pants: Zara
Top: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelet: The Tulle Room
Bag: Loewe
Scarf: Pucci 


Piña Colada

I'm very excited cause I'm going to the beach this saturday for a whole week !! I know I'm in desperate need of a tan, just hope a week is enough and my sun allergies don't kick in, yup you read it right SUN ALLERGY lucky me.

Remember The Tulle Room post ? (if you don't, see it here!) Well I'm wearing one of the amazing things I got from there, can you guess what it is ?? Off course you can ... the awesome 14 kt plated vampire teeth (which is actually a necklace but I wore it as a bracelet) I'm just madly in love with this unique handmade piece, I mean who wouldn't !!!



Scarf: YSL
Jeans: 7 for all man kind
Flats: Tory Burch 
Bracelet: The Tulle Room
Sunnies: Ray Ban